Clouds. So Beautiful and Fluffy.

White, really white.

Floating about without a single doubt.

I wish I was a cloud. To be able to be so peaceful.

Calming people who lay in the grass, basking in the sun.

But they can be so full […]

Life Right Now

As I go through life I smile

But it isn’t for me

Or how I am feeling

It’s for you so you

Don’t have to worry

About me

So you don’t have to know

The true thoughts

And feeling

It’s so you think I […]


“Love is like stars. Some people believe it’s just chemicals reacting. Others believe it’s magic. Sometimes it’s clear as day. Sometimes it’s hard to see. Sometimes it’ll be just within reach. And sometimes it’ll seem […]

Sharing the LOVE…

This video is a joint project between LOVE BC and the Vancouver Film School.

Click the image to learn more about LOVE and hear this LOVE youth’s incredible poetry.

Short films made by youth from Revelstoke Secondary School

Check out these youth-made films by folks at Revelstoke Secondary School. They chose topics of inclusion, beauty and more.

A big thank you to CIBC Community Grant Program for making this possible.

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LOVE gave me the gift of meeting people who have been through similar and painful experiences. It gave me the strength, courage and support to move on and help other youth. LOVE gave me a voice, and opportunities to express myself through writing, photography, dance, spoken word in positive ways to release the emotions […] S. M., 17 years old – See more at: