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Eliminating bullying from mixed boarding schools in Uganda is a national concern. Many children run away from schools due to bullying, especially poor children (those coming from poor families or total orphans who do not receive all basic needs).

The video above is a story of a girl who is a total orphan from Wabigalo primary […]

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School News

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From: LOVE – To: Jonah

The youth from the LOVE Media Arts Program in Toronto send this special message out to Jonah Mowry and the many youth that can relate to being bullied and devalued.

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Collective Efforts

POEM LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Love is leave out violence Love is a good programme Through collective efforts we can live to love LOVE, LOVE, LOVE We can live without violence Elders, parents, and children and the nation at large We can live without violence Collectively we can live to love LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Violence is […]

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École Georges-Vanier: Réaction envers l’intimidation

Le 28 Novembre 2011 au Québec, Marjorie Raymond, 15 ans a mis fin à sa vie dû à des actes répétitive dont elle était victime. Suite à cetter tragédie un groupe de jeunes de LOVE ont voulu contribué à la sensibilisation envers les conséquences de l’intimidation. Ceci est une vidéo des jeunes à l’école Georges-Vanier […]

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Latin Diversity

“Spanish speaking youth connect stereotypes to violence”

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the Vicious cycle of Bullying

These are youth from the Thunderbird Elementary School LIFT Program. It is about stopping bullying. Here they show a conflict arising, and being resolved. LOVE BC Youth Leader Makena facilitated this workshop. What are other ways you can stop the Bullying in your school?

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Katusiime of LOVE Uganda Asks, “Why Violence?”

Hello LOVE.Wired readers! As LOVE continues to spread around the world we constantly see that young people of all countries share the same passions, hopes and interests. Unfortunately, we also see that violence exists in many places and is all too recognizable. Please see below for a poem written by Katusiime, a LOVE Youth in […]

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