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Thoughts on Consumerism

Here is a video produced in a Violence Prevention Committee at Monsignor Fraser College by Danielle. This video raises some interesting questions about consumerism, hoarding and homelessness? Danielle connects the three themes in a thought provoking way, what do you think about consumerism? Are consumerism, hoarding and homelessness connected?

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Pictures & Poetry (James)

This is the first edition of our “Pictures & Poetry” posts featuring James from the LOVE Rexdale program. James is a gifted poet, photographer and musician. His dynamic work speaks for itself. Poem Title – My Inner World My imagination is different, I think of things non other can think of. My Inner World! What […]

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How LOVE Flows

The abridged photos essays from three youth of LOVE New York’s Media Arts Program: Isiah, Izzy, and Katya.


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