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Week 1: Introduction

Week 1: Introduction | What’s our safe space? We want to create a space that maximizes everyone’s comfort level and that is determined by everyone involved, together. This fosters collective ownership of the space we will be a part of and be creative in. Safe space might include confidentiality, respecting each other’s ideas, perhaps agreeing […]

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Week 2: Xenophobia

Week 2: Xenophobia | Thinking through Xenophobia

This week at North Albion Collegiate Institute (NACI) and West Humber Collegiate Institute (WHCI) we were introduced to the topic of xenophobia (fear of difference and foreigners).

In order to think about how xenophobia works in our lives and communities we did an activity that got us up on our […]

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Week 3: Stereotypes

Week 3: Xenophobia | Stereotypes and Xenophobia

Extending last week’s topic of xenophobia (fear of difference and foreigners) we talked about how xenophobia is in relationship with stereotypes. In doing so we developed our own definition and how we thought they occur in people’s lives. This included:

Judgment against certain people where they assume it is true
Classifying a […]

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Week 4: Discrimination

Week Four: Discrimination and Xenophobia

Last week’s topic considered the relationship between xenophobia (fear of difference and foreigners) and stereotypes (widely held and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing). This week we talked about discrimination.

Discrimination is the unjust treatment of a group of people, around characteristics such as race, religion, […]

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Week 5: Discrimination

Week Five: Multiculturalism This week focused on coming up with a group definition of Multiculturalism. Here are some of the things we, North Albion and West Humber Collegiate youth, came up with in our collective definition of multiculturalism:

Different cultures coming together
Getting along and knowing each other. Embracing that
Different communities coming together, talking and interacting
Talking about […]

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Week 6: Body Mapping

Week Six: Body Mapping and Multiculturalism This week we focused on ourselves. The question posed to us was, who are we as youth and high school students? If multiculturalism is about difference, community, embracing and equality how are we shaping that? In order to think about this we made “Body Maps”. The goal of this […]

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Week 7: Time Capsule

Week Seven: Time Capsule To wrap up our time together we decided to make a time capsule. Connecting to last week’s idea of body maps, we decided to expand the vision to include the communities we are involved in.

There are lots of ways to build a time capsule. A time capsule is a way […]

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Sharing the LOVE…

This video is a joint project between LOVE BC and the Vancouver Film School.

Click the image to learn more about LOVE and hear this LOVE youth’s incredible poetry.

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Short films made by youth from Revelstoke Secondary School

Check out these youth-made films by folks at Revelstoke Secondary School. They chose topics of inclusion, beauty and more.

A big thank you to CIBC Community Grant Program for making this possible.

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Fear vs. Dreams

Our Youth Leaders participated in Fears vs. Dreams; a campaign from the non-profit To Write Love on Her Arms that invites you to answer the following questions: What’s your biggest fear? What’s your greatest dream?

We hope you feel less alone in reading the words of others.
We hope to remind you that you’re living a […]

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